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Brand Identity

01. Brand Identity

We help you to create a trustful branding image. Our creatives will polish your brand story and make sure it reflects your vision and values.

Creating a unique and visually appealing symbol or wordmark that represents your brand’s identity.

  • Logo design concepts
  • Logo variations
  • Finalize logo

Establishing a consistent visual language for your brand, including

  • Color palettes
  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • & other graphic elements.

Designing various marketing materials such as

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Company profile
  • & other presentations that align with your brand’s visual identity.

02. UX/UI Design

We create a user-friendly digital experience. Our talented designers will mirror your brand’s look and feel, making sure your digital apps is easy to use and visually appealing beautiful.

Conducting studies and gathering insights to understand user behavior and preferences.

  • User Interviews
  • Prototype testing
  • Field study

Organizing and structuring content to optimize usability and navigation.

  • Sitemap
  • Card sorting technique
  • User flows
  • Customer Journey Map

Creating low-fidelity visual representations of the user interface and layout.

  • Sketches
  • low fidelity wireframes
  • high fidelity wireframes

Crafting visually appealing and consistent interfaces that align with brand guidelines.

  • Interactive UI Design prototype
  • UI Design shareable link

Conducting tests to evaluate the usability and effectiveness of the design.

  • Moderated remote usability testing
  • Face to face usability testing

We analyze your platform data and address usability issues to enhance user experience.

UX/UI Design
Website & eCommerce

03. Website & eCommerce

Creating a powerful website development based on CMS tool WordPress that attracts and engages customers. Capable of making your website or online store easy to navigate and a powerful design presence for your company.

Creating a simple website based on wordpress template that will save your time and money.

  • Slight UI Design based on template
  • Development on Wordpress template
  • 1 hour recoded training 

Creating a tailored website design then develop it based on wordpress, this solution will cost you and it will takes time but with a unique result.

  • Costumed UI Design
  • Costumed wordpress development
  • 1 hour recorded training

Developing an online store based on WooCommerce a wordpress plugin, product management and online payment.

  • Custom development
  • Buy online template
  • Setup payment method

Providing ongoing maintenance, updates, and technical support to ensure website functionality and security.

  • Fixing Bugs
  • Content and Data entry

Note: based on SLA agreement


Implementing strategies to improve website visibility and organic search rankings.

  • Paid Ads
  • Organic (3 to 6 months)
  • Writing articles
  • Landing pages

04. Mobile Applications

We serve a high mobile app quality, seamless, and immersive experience for your users. Our highly experienced developers use Flutter cross-platform and PHP backend.

Minimum viable product (MVP) with a basic user interface (UI), offered on a single persona 

  • 1 Mobile App
  • 1 Admin panel

More complex features with a custom UI details, offered on a single persona,

  • 1 or 2 Mobile App
  • 1 or 2 Vendor webapp
  • 1 Admin panel

Highly advanced features, with more detailed UI design, 2+ platforms, offered on a multiple personas,

  • 2+ Mobile Apps
  • 2+ Vendor Webapps
  • 1 Admin panel
Mobile Applications
Website Application

05. Website Application

Creating user-friendly web applications that mirror your business needs and brand style. Our skilled developers use React frontend and PHP backend to make your solution efficient, and stable.

We can Custom website application based on your requirement, this webapp is more complex than a normal portfolio website.

  • Costumed UI Design
  • Costumed Web back and frontend Development
  • Support and maintenance

We have our own CRM solution with a advanced features tracking sales, stock management,  financials and even HR. 

  • Sales Funnel from opportunity to delivery
  • Project financial monitoring
  • Product tree
  • Finance module
  • HR module

06. Design Thinking Session

Some of our clients need support to have an idea for their projects, Mirrorful Design Thinking Sessions help you to unlock hidden potential, leading to creative solutions that drive the client’s business forward, building clear project versions and phases. 

We set with the client to challenge his business idea and also brainstorm to find a new ideas / opportunities.

Documenting all ideas and software specifications, 

  • Moodboard
  • Workflows 
  • Sketches
  • Software specification system (SRS)

Put our client on the track to implement his project with a clear roadmap. Breakdown client’s project requirements into a milestones, phases and versions. 

Design Thinking Session